Annual confirmation of residence permit.
Confirmation of a residence permit, or more precisely an annual notification of the stay of an alien by residence permit in the territory of the Russian Federation, is the duty of any migrant who has received a residence permit in Russia. This is a very simple task, but it is imperative to fulfill this duty, otherwise serious problems can arise both with the extension of residence permit and the risk of its cancellation.
Required documents.
The package of documents to confirm the residence permit in 2018 remained unchanged in comparison with last year. Required:
a photocopy of the identity document, which issued a residence permit in the territory of the Russian Federation, if for this year the foreigner changed his passport for some reason, then a copy of the new passport with notes on earlier issued passports is sufficient. photocopy of the residence permit itself. application form – notification of the confirmation of residence of an alien and the territory of the Russian Federation by residence permit; document on the income of an alien sufficient to reside on the territory of the Russian Federation.
Attention! In the document on the residence permit must be a note on the registration of an alien at the place of residence.
Confirmation of financial security.
The number of illegal workers in the Russian Federation is very high, despite the regular actions of the FMS for the deportation of illegal immigrants. Foreigners with residence permit, although they have the right to legal employment in the country, often prefer “gray” patches without official employment. At the same time, they do not think about how they will be able to confirm the existence of means of subsistence in the Russian Federation in order to make an annual confirmation of residence permit. But a foreigner must prove that he is able to live in the country without applying for social assistance to the state.
The minimum amount that the applicant must provide is # 8211; one subsistence minimum per family member every month. The exact amount depends on the region, since the cost of living varies depending on the territory of residence. In the northern and metropolitan regions, it is much higher than, for example, in central Russia.
It is also important to take into account the variability in the social status of the applicant, the subsistence minimum of minors and pensioners is different from the standard.
The simplest and most convenient way to confirm financial security is to provide a certificate from the place of work with an indication of the salary and position of the applicant. Persons who conduct business in the country can refer to the tax return.
Attention! The tax declaration can be requested by the FMS staff at the tax office.
Of course, you can provide an extract from the bank account of the availability of funds on the account, but the amount should be really impressive.
Filling in the form.
A form can be obtained from the FMS office, but it is much easier to download it online. Sufficient and filling samples.
All information must be reliable. Information is filled in Russian except for those places where Latin symbols are used, for example, in the passport data.
The use of abbreviations and abbreviations is not allowed. If an error has crept into the document, it is better to rewrite it, the barcode reader can not be used. To confirm from a foreigner, you need to make very little data:
surname, first name and patronymic (if any) of the notifier; passport data of the foreigner’s identity card; information on the date, place and data of the residence permit document; information on registration at the place of residence; periods of absence in the Russian Federation. It is highly undesirable that they exceed six months per year, otherwise there is a risk of revocation of residence permit; the past period; information on the source of income and their amount; list of attached documents.
Where and when to file documents?
Unlike the RWP, a residence permit gives an alien or a stateless person the right to move across the territory of the Russian Federation without restrictions and to reside in any region of the country. A migrant can file a notification of confirmation of residence in the territorial office of the FMS at the place of registration, for this it is absolutely not necessary to return to the place where the main document was issued.
Documents are submitted annually for 1 year and 2 months from the date of receipt of the residence permit, which is much more convenient than the strict terms of notification of residence on the RWP.
How to file?
Many are embarrassed by the need to notify about their residence, supposedly it takes time because of visiting the offices of the FMS. In fact, there are three ways to file such a notice, two of which do not involve a personal visit to the FMS, and one does not even force you to leave the house:
personal visit of the FMS is the most reliable and guaranteed way to file a notice. Of course, you have to stand in line and spend a lot of time, but in the end the applicant will be absolutely sure that his documents have been received and accepted. sending a notice by the guards service – you still have to leave the house, but the queues at the post and in the FMS are incomparable, sending the package of documents takes only 5 – 10 minutes. The main thing is simply to transfer the documents and the form to the postal worker, he will tear off some of the form and hand it over to the applicant. Subsequently, this will be the proof of sending the notice. notification via the Internet is the most “advanced” and modern way. Documents can be scanned and sent to the e-mail. The information on the FMS department’s resources indicated on the resources, unfortunately, this option is not always available.
Is there a responsibility for late submission of documents?
Missing the submission of documents for the confirmation of a residence permit, a foreigner or a stateless person admits an administrative offense, which implies, at a minimum, a fine, and, as a maximum, the deprivation of a residence permit in the Russian Federation.
If the offense is one-off, and there are no other violations, then usually the fine is limited to 7 thousand rubles.
If the person has already been brought to administrative responsibility within a year and has not notified of the residence, then it is considered to have committed repeatedly administrative violations in the territory of the Russian Federation, which may lead to the cancellation of his residence permit.
It is strongly recommended not to pass two annual confirmations in a row without paying a fine, this can also lead to a refusal to prolong or revoke the residence permit. Since the term of administrative responsibility in the Russian Federation is 1 year from the execution of the penalty.
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