Education in Sweden: obtaining a residence permit.
– students traveling to Sweden for training both in one-year exchange programs and short-term study programs exceeding 90 days in duration;
– students admitted to study at universities or colleges equated to colleges;
– students admitted to study at the gymnasium or secondary general education institutions.
When applying for a visa or residence permit for students of higher education institutions, whose training period does not exceed 1 year, you need a medical insurance valid for the entire period of stay in Sweden. This provision does not apply to students of secondary schools and students of secondary special educational institutions (colleges that are not equated to universities).
– questionnaires filled in Swedish or English and signed by the applicant;
– confirmation of admission to the full-time department of the university – from the relevant educational institution;
– an extract from the applicant’s bank account or the applicant’s sponsor’s account, confirming that you have sufficient funds to cover the costs of the full academic year (at a rate of 7,300 SEK per month for two academic semesters, or 10 months). If you have a confirmation that you are granted a scholarship by the Swedish side (university of the country of permanent residence) or if you are provided with free accommodation and meals, the mandatory amount on the account can be reduced;
– a foreign passport plus copies of all pages of a foreign passport;
– three color photographs of the applicant in full face (35×40 mm), corresponding to age;
– confirmation of the payment of the consular fee.
– students of the World Maritime University (Malmo);
– Tempus, TACIS, Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) or Swedish Institute (Svenska Institutet) scholarship students.
University students have the right to work in Sweden during the validity of the residence permit without obtaining a special permit.