Emigration to Italy.
Italy is one of the priority countries of the European Union for immigration. The number of foreigners who obtained Italian citizenship is steadily growing. If in 2005 their total number hardly exceeded 30,000 people, by the end of 2016 the number of immigrants who had become citizens of the country had reached the figure of 205,000.
Thus, Italy is the exact opposite of other southern EU countries, the level of immigration in which, on the contrary, decreases. Especially this figure is palpable in comparison with Spain and Greece. If in the past two years the number of immigrants to these states has dropped by about two hundred thousand, in Italy, there has been an increase in the influx of citizens of other countries, each year for fifty thousand people.
Italy is the leader in the number of newly-made citizens of the European Union. Immigration to Italy is especially attractive for citizens of Romania, Albania, Egypt and Morocco. After them go Ukraine, Poland and Russia. Moreover, if among the representatives of states with the prevalence of Islam there is a greater number of men, then from the CIS countries in the majority go to Italy women. This is explained by the specifics of the local labor market, where female Slavs are more likely to be employed by nurses, nannies, and homework.
The benefits of moving to permanent residence in Italy.
Although Italy, especially its southern part, does not live up to such European powers as France, Germany, the Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries, but life has its undeniable advantages. What is so popular for moving to permanent residence in Italy?
Good and stable earnings, relative ease to get a job, even for one season. The opportunity for a foreigner to open his business, as they say, from scratch, and having a very small amount of money. Quite attractive for business taxation system. By the way, when creating your company it is not necessary to employ Italian citizens as employees. An international agreement between Italy and Russia that allows Russian citizens to open their company in Italy before obtaining a residence permit. Free and qualified medical care. Opportunity to get an excellent education. Local legislation perfectly protects the interests of its citizens, especially children. Italy is one of the centers of tourism and world fashion. Wonderful warm climate in all parts of the country, from anywhere you can quickly reach the nearby sea. In general, the number of seas washing Italy is five. A magnificent country with amazing nature, divine architecture and very kind and sociable inhabitants.
As you can see, there are a lot of pluses. Therefore, emigration to Italy is so interesting for Russian citizens.
Ways of immigration to Italy.
The acquisition of the citizenship of the Italian Republic for foreigners becomes possible only after obtaining a residence permit and residence in the country for more than 10 years. In the case of marriage with an Italian citizen, this period is at least 2 years.
To leave for Italy for seasonal or permanent employment (lavoro subordinato), you need to find an employer to apply for permission to stay in the country for work. This permit is called Nulla Osta al lavoro subordinato and is issued by the immigration officer of the local Prefecture, depending on the annual quota (decreto flussi) on the number of persons entering the country outside the EU.
At the same time, the employer is obliged to provide guarantees of providing the worker with a place of residence and payment of transportation costs for them, in case of deportation of the employee to their homeland.
A work permit in this case can be issued for up to 180 days, during which time the employee must himself apply for a residence permit of Pier lavoro subordinato. The residence permit in this case is granted for the period up to:
6 months with seasonal work; 2 years with permanent employment.
Then this work permit can be extended, and dismissal from work can not cause deportation.
After 5 years in Italy, an employee can apply for permanent residence. permesso di soggiorno CE per soggiornanti di lungo periodo, it is easier to “permesso”.
Interestingly, persons with an Italian residence permit have the same rights as Italian citizens, except for the right to vote.
Business in Italy.
Opening your own business allows you to obtain Lavoro autonomo – a residence permit, granted for the conduct of an independent professional activity or your business. Registering their company in Italy, Russian citizens can, even without obtaining permission to stay & # 8212; Nulla Osta. This is thanks to a mutual agreement between Italy and Russia, which allows citizens of these two countries to freely conduct their business in each other’s territory. By the way, such an agreement exists between Italy and Ukraine.
Any foreigner can open his company. To do this, you just need to agree with the annual quota of entry, and also have an annual income of more than 8900 euros.
All other procedures for registering your own business are absolutely the same for both Italian citizens and migrants.
Citizens of the Russian Federation can choose any immigration procedure for their own business, unlike citizens of other CIS countries. According to preliminary estimates, the following expenses will be required to open your own company in Italy:
payment of notarial services, as well as taxes and fees for registration, about 2000 euros; payment of rent of a premise, it will make about 500-1000 euros a month, plus an advance payment; bill for a communal and Internet, about 200 euros per month; the salary of the hired accountant.
On average, to start running your own business, you need to have on your account an amount of 10,000 euros as a minimum. It’s something you need to confirm when applying for lavoro autonomo. This amount is the authorized capital for the registration of OOO – a limited liability company, in Italian Sosieta & # 8217; a responsabilita & # 8217; limitata SRL.
In addition to LLC, entrepreneurs from Russia can also register Societa in nome collettivo SNC – a company with unlimited liability. And also Societa in accomandita semplice SAS is a limited partnership, it is a kind of analogue of a Russian open joint-stock company, where the shareholders of the enterprise can be employees themselves.
As in Russia, a balance sheet is issued once a year, but some types of financial statements are submitted once a quarter. One of the indispensable conditions for the registration of your own business in Italy is the existence of an agreement for the conduct of annual financial and tax reporting with a local accountant or a firm that performs such services. The hired accountant is paid a monthly salary, regardless of the volume of the company’s actual activities.
Selected residence in Italy (residenza elettiva)
This method of immigration is available only to very rich people who acquire real estate in Italy, since it does not provide for work permits in the country.
To do this, it is enough to provide a notarized certificate for the purchase of their own property, as well as medical insurance.
Reunion with the family.
This is, above all, a marriage with an Italian citizen. By the way, Russian women have always enjoyed great popularity in Italy as loyal and proud wives. This trend is not only not weakening every year, but it is gaining more and more momentum.
This scheme of obtaining a residence permit also applies if a person already having a permesso di soggiorno foreigner wants his spouse or his / her children to come to live in Italy. This permit also applies to adult dependent children and resident parents who do not have other children.
Study in Italy.
This type of obtaining a residence permit is not so popular, as the number of refusals to grant a visa on it is quite large. The basis can serve only enrollment in one of the Italian universities. Then the student is issued a visa for a period of three months to a year.
The topic of courses or language learning is irrelevant.
Provision of a residence permit for refugees.
If you are not a citizen of the country on whose territory military operations are being conducted, you can only ask for political asylum in Italy.
Then they will leave you in the country, but they will demand confirmation of the fact of persecution at home. This is a rather complicated way of acquiring Italian citizenship.
The best cities in Italy for immigration.
In Italy, either middle-income people go to work, or they are rich for recreation and shopping. But, nevertheless, this is one of the few countries where almost every second Russian dreams.
Among the most popular cities, of course, Rome, Milan and Florence. From cities in the south of Italy attractive for immigrants is considered Naples. But for business, experts recommend such cities as Trento and Bolzano. The most developed are the region of Trentino & # 8212; Alto Adige and Tuscany.
However, it is necessary to take into account some features of life in Italy, so as not to be trapped later.
First, the mentality of Italians radically differs from Russian. According to the inhabitants of this country, modesty can not be called dignity. Italians are very noisy, bright, violently gesticulating, a bit “showy”, energetic. In particular, Italians, even men, are free to kiss, hug even with unfamiliar, which can cause irritation among Russians. But, at the same time, in business, they are very leisurely, do not like fuss, which is only their lunch breaks, which last up to three hours.
Secondly, few people know English in Italy. You need to own italian.
Thirdly, in nature you will not feel free. No fishing or gathering of mushrooms and berries is out of the question.
But these disadvantages are very difficult to consider as shortcomings, especially when settled in beautiful Italy, you can easily get used to local characteristics, even love them. And there are so many advantages of life in Italy that it’s pointless to list them at all. In a word, Benvenuti nella bella Italia!
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