Immigration and emigration processes in Belarus.
The Republic of Belarus is a developed country with excellent prospects and excellent prerequisites for a comfortable life. Immigration processes of the state are the main sources that affect population growth and its territorial location. The country is in close relationship with the powers of the post-Soviet space, especially this applies to Russia. Mutually beneficial cooperation provides the main directions of migration flows. Immigration to Belarus is carried out by both Slavic peoples and residents of third countries.
Migration in the Belarusian Republic first began after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Numerous repatriates, i.e. people with Belarusian roots, decided to return to their homeland.
Ways of immigration to Belarus.
The most popular reasons for leaving to live in Belarus are: The presence of Belarusian roots. People who lived or were born in the territory of the former Byelorussian SSR can return to their historical homeland, obtain residence permit, permanent residence and citizenship as soon as possible and on favorable terms. Family reunification. If relatives live in Belarus, they can invite foreign family members to move to them for permanent residence. Consideration of an application and obtaining an entry permit may take 2-3 years. Registration of marriage with a citizen (coy) of Belarus. Marriage is one of the most common reasons for moving to a country. Employment or conclusion of a business contract. In this case, an employer or a business partner should be invited to live in Belarus as a foreign employee. Investing in the economy of the country. Large businessmen wishing to leave for the Republic of Belarus for long-term residence can invest 150 thousand euros in the economy of the state and, on preferential terms, to obtain citizenship.
Registration of the status of an alien is handled by the internal affairs bodies of the country at the place of residence. The most attractive for migrants are large cities and regional centers – Minsk, Grodno, Brest, Mogilev and others. The government of the republic conducts a directed policy to attract the population, including foreigners, to the village. The development of the agricultural sector requires qualified personnel who can move here from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc.
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Between the governments of Russia and Belarus, numerous agreements were signed, allowing visa-free entry to countries, as well as equality of citizens of both powers.
Emigration relations of Belarus and Russia.
Many residents of Russia and the former Soviet republics come to live in Belarus in order to improve social and economic conditions. Young specialists from Belarus, on the contrary, are eager to travel outside the country in search of their opportunities and prospects. Emigration from the country is typical for professionals in the field of IT technology, medicine, engineering and other progressive areas. Mostly they decide to go to Russia. The reasons for this are quite a lot:
absence of a visa regime; the general Slavic dialect; a similar culture and social rights; higher wages and working conditions.
Belarusians have the right to live in Russia legally, but on condition of registration and availability of living space. The same rules apply to Russians who decide to move to a neighboring republic. Despite the fact that the migration exchange between Russia and Belarus is mainly aimed at leaving the BR, the number of foreigners arriving for permanent residence is steadily growing. The main importers of labor force in Belarus are Moldova, the Baltic States, Ukraine, etc.
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Numerous attempts to leave to live in Belarus is an opportunity to provide the maximum level of comfortable and safe life. In comparison with the statistics of Russia and other post-Soviet countries in Belarus, there is a minimal level of crime.
Migration of people in their age deserves special attention. Pensioners in Belarus feel secure and confident. State benefits and social security stimulates foreign pensioners to move to this state for permanent residence.