Immigration to Quebec time after the interview
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On March 20, 2012, the Ministry of Immigration of Quebec decided to accept applications for immigration only from those applicants who hold professions for which additional points are accrued according to this and this list, additional explanations here.
Candidates for labor immigration are selected by Quebec, depending on their education, work experience, age, French language skills and the ability to adapt to the social and economic conditions of Quebec.
If you want to get points for knowledge of languages, you will have to pass language exams: TEF and TCF for French and IELTS for English.
You can of course, but that’s just how you find work? Most employers require knowledge of two languages at a free level – that is, one must be able to write official letters without a dictionary and errors – the French there are very strict. So if you are counting on office work in Quebec, you should learn French very well. However, there are some exceptions concerning IT professionals and representatives of working professions.
Yes I need it. Especially if you are going to live and work in Montreal. Most office and not very jobs require very good knowledge of both languages.
Depends on your profession.
Federals usually check the authenticity of your documents and make a medical examination, as well as issue visas.
� If I go through both programs, which one do you recommend to me?
I would personally recommend the federal program, as the timeframe for passing recently has significantly decreased – and take about half a year.
This paper certifies that you are accepted as an immigrant by the province of Quebec.
In order to attach to the documents the required piece of paper and pass the federal stage after the passage of the Quebec stage. In Quebec, you can use it to enter the university right after your arrival and study there at preferential Quebec tariffs.
It is not harder – it’s a bit different, for example you do not need to open an account with a Western bank, but simply sign a paper that you are obligated to import a certain amount of money into Quebec.
In general, yes. But if you score a lot on other criteria, then you can pass the interview with an interpreter. Remember, however, that many points are awarded for the knowledge of the French language and they can become decisive in deciding whether to accept you as an immigrant or not.
In general, it is highly desirable. If you show such knowledge to the officer, it will make a good impression.
Russians and other residents of the CIS countries submit documents to Vienna, Israelis to Paris. At your choice, the interview will be held in Vienna, Moscow, or Kiev. Israelis should be specified on the official website of the Ministry of Immigration of Quebec.
Attach this same certificate to your documents and send it to the feds at the Canadian Embassy.
There is no exact statistics, but on average 6 to 20 months.
There is no Quebec visa and you are free to go anywhere in Canada.
Quebec is not worse and not the best of other Canadian provinces, but on average in Quebec is lower average incomes, higher taxes and better social programs.
Yes, it’s true, but the scholarship is something about $ 120 a week, and the quality of teaching is not the highest. Now their duration is 7 months.
Right at the airport, in the immigration department, you will be assigned an interview in one of the immigrant adaptation centers. At the interview you will have a talk. You will be told a lot of various information and will set the date of the test in French. The test consists of an oral and a written part. According to his results, the teacher will determine to which of the 5 levels you belong, and send you to the appropriate group.
The schools here are accepted as in Russia by place of residence, but if you are an immigrant then your child will go to a francophone school in a special adaptation class where he will study only French, then he will fall into the ordinary Francophone school, since immigrants by law must give children in francophone schools. You can certainly give the child to a private Anglophone school, but the prices there bite.
Approximately 3 thousand dollars per person plus one thousand for each additional family member.
It all depends on you only – how will you prepare for the interview and how well will you speak French.
In general, it is large enough. If you show a good knowledge of the Quebec realities, then it surely will make a good impression on the officer.
There is nothing to prove.
The agency can help you fill out the documents and present your case in the most favorable light for you, but one must be very careful – among the immigration agencies there are a lot of scams and simply unqualified people. Pay attention to the availability of a license from the Government of Canada or Quebec – look at the license number and check it.
It is registered: May 7, 2009, 03:14.
Location: Eastern Siberia.
1. Find information about the province in Quebec and immigration there. Read attentively our forum and the official immigration website in Quebec. If your level of a foreign language does not allow you to understand what is written there, immigration is contraindicated to you.
2. Assess your chances of immigration online at http: //www.immigration-quebec.gouv.qc.c. s / epi.html in English or French. It’s free and easy. If your level of language does not allow you to do this, then see the scoring table.
3. Fill in the immigration forms and package of documents. Note that immigration intermediaries do not give you any advantage in considering your case. Here everything is written in English or French: http: //www.immigration-quebec.gouv.qc.c. index.html You just need to follow the instructions.
4. After immigration procedures, prepare for a new life – learn more about life in Canada from our forum, learn the language or languages you need – the better you learn the language, the sooner your adaptation will pass, and the sooner you will be able to find the work you need.
5. Go through immigration procedures at the airport. More information here http: //www.immigration-quebec.gouv.qc.c. rport.html.
6. Successfully integrate into the Quebec society. Learn the language, find housing and work, raise children.
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Next, we will talk about the immigration program of Quebec, when calculating a passing score on which the set of several selection criteria is taken into account:
– Diploma of Professional Education, received in Quebec;
– the diploma received on a specialty from the list of demanded specialties;
– an official invitation to work from an employer in Quebec (under the new rules, points are awarded for an invitation to work in Montreal and for an official job invitation received from the Quebec regions, preferring the latter);
– work experience (the maximum score is given to the new rules for 4 years of work, but now only work experience is taken into account for 5 years preceding the submission of the immigration application);
– Age (the maximum score for age is received by applicants from 18 to 35 years);
– knowledge of French and / or English;
– close relatives in Quebec (close to new relatives by the rules are considered only spouses, parents, children, siblings, grandfathers and grandmothers);
– work or study in Quebec (the maximum possible score is awarded for training in Quebec for two semesters or work for 6 months);
– children (under the new rules, applicants receive the maximum score for children under 12 years old, and additional points for children from 12 to 21 years);
– financial independence of the applicant;
– profession, or specialty, education, work experience, age, language of the spouse, etc .;
– Ability to adapt.
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