Meeting with Paris. Prague – Paris – Disneyland * – Dresden.
6 days / New Arrivals 2018, Excursion tours.
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What song do we most often hear in a mobile phone? That’s right, “Et si tu n’existais pas. “. The hoarse warm voice of Joe Dassin helps us pass the time “on hold.” France can not hide even in Belarus. And why? The country in which almost every tourist dreams to visit, is hospitable and welcoming. Let’s no longer avoid meetings with France and go to Paris this year!
Excursion tour to ancient Prague, decorated with baroque Dresden and unforgettable Paris. A magnificent trio, is not it?
Date of arrival / There are seats available.
444 BYN 185 EUR.
444 BYN 185 EUR.
444 BYN 185 EUR.
444 BYN 185 EUR.
444 BYN 185 EUR.
Tour program.
Departure from Minsk early in the morning. Border crossing. Transit crossing the territory of Poland and the Czech Republic. Arrival to the night in Prague.
Breakfast. A panorama pedestrian excursion through the lower town of Prague. The tour begins with Wenceslas Square, where the sculpture of Vaclav, the main defender of the Czech state, is located. You will follow the direction of the Old Town, where among the recognized architectural masterpieces, elegant palaces and majestic temples, whole blocks of old houses have survived, in which the spirit of medieval Europe is extremely sharp. Walking past Old Town Square, you will see the famous Old Town chimes. Look in the Jewish town of Josef, which is one of the oldest in Europe. Old synagogues, the town hall and the old Jewish cemetery are preserved here. Further we leave to Charles Bridge which since 14 centuries connects Old city and ���� the country.
For those wishing to walk on the boat on the Vltava (surcharge 25 euros). Aperitifs, a buffet and good music accompanied by interesting stories. Here they are unforgettable moments in life.
For those who wish excursion “Mystical Prague” (surcharge 15 euros). Evening tour of the old town. In the magical light of the lanterns Prague will open its legends. Next to these legends of old Prague, rest and Edgar Poe, and Alfred Hitchcock, and Quentin Tarantino combined. Old residents know that Prague’s streets are able not only to inspire, but also to frighten with their stories that come to life as soon as the sun sets over the horizon. Those who do not know the Golem do not know anything about Prague. You can see it at night & hellip; Evening is a terrible walk. At night in the light of yellow lanterns it is easy to lose the sense of real time and it’s easy to believe in the existence of ghosts. Over the centuries, many unfortunate souls have gathered here, who have no rest either in this or in this world. So they wander along the cobblestone streets, suffering and vainly seeking solace from passers-by. Learn the secrets of the Old City, feel the existence of magic and magic.
Departure from Prague in the evening. Night moving.
On the way, stop for breakfast. Arrival in Paris. A sightseeing tour of the city, during which we will pass from the most beautiful theater in the world – the Grand Opera (the ceiling was painted by Marc Chagall) to the majestic Louvre, stroll along the Seine embankment, where on the one side is the Musee d’Orsay (with a chic collection of Impressionist works!), and on the other the unique Cathedral of Notre Dame and the chapel of Saint-Chapelle with unreal stained-glass windows! Of course, the favorite is not escaped from our eyes and the symbol of Paris is the Eiffel Tower. Walk along the Champs Elysees, singing Joe Dassin’s Les Champs-Elysees, to the Trocadero through the gardens of the Tuleri. One of the four “big boulevards” of Paris – the Boulevard de Capuchinok – and the huge church church on the Madeleine Square will not be left without our attention.
Check in hotel. Free time.
Excursion to the Louvre “Smile to Gioconda!” (30 euros extra for a group of 25 people, guide services and entrance tickets included in the price). Without hesitation, continue the phrase: “Paris is & hellip;”. We are sure that many of you will remember the Louvre. It is not just the most famous art museum with a huge collection of masterpieces from different countries and eras, it is a must-see point “Must visit” in Paris. Dedicate the Louvre all day – he is worthy of this time, believe me!
Breakfast. Free time. For an additional fee, the opportunity to visit Disneyland (surcharge – 20 euros).
“Paris, I love you!” – a boat trip on the Seine (the cost of the excursion is 15 euros). To see Paris from the water – and fall in love with it finally: all the landmarks of the city are located along the coast. Starting our excursion from the island, we will sail under the bridge of Alexander III, past the museum of Orsay, the Louvre Museum, the Eiffel Tower & hellip; Agree, from the water you can very differently look at the city, mark places where you want to return, make beautiful photos or simply, sail to the sounds of Yves Montand’s familiar song and sing along “A Paris & hellip;”
Evening departure from Paris.
Stop for breakfast. Arrival in Dresden. Sightseeing walking tour. The official residence of the Saxon elite, which was first talked about in 1216, due to its growth in the political arena, turned into a cultural and economic center of Germany. Each palace and park in Dresden is a work of art in the best traditions of the Baroque style. The incredibly beautiful complex Zwinger even went beyond the baroque: its creator Daniel Peppelman used a variety of styles, apparently, therefore, the palace ensemble is so enthusiastically perceived by tourists! A walk through the old town (Altstadt) will continue along the Semper Opera House, the theater square, the Residence Castle and the Palace Church. Along the river Elbe is located the Bruhl terrace – an architectural complex from which you can see all the beauty of the river and the historical center of Dresden: for good reason the second name of this place is “Balcony of Europe”.
Free time. Shopping in the shopping center “ELBEPARK”. More than 180 stores will offer you a wide range of clothing, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, household products. Among the famous brands represented in ELBEPARK are Mango, Mustang, VeroModa, C & A, S.Olive and many others. Here you can have a snack, picking up a suitable restaurant or cafe.
Transfer to the border with Poland for overnight. Overnight at the hotel.
Breakfast. Departure home. On request, a visit to the supermarket on the territory of Poland (time to buy about 2 hours).
Arrival in Minsk late at night or next morning.
The tour price includes:
travel by comfortable bus 3 overnights with breakfast excursion service (Prague, Paris, Dresden) escort of the group leader.
Additional paid:
tourist service – 50 rubles a visa 60 euros (if necessary, visa center services + 15 euros) insurance 4 euros headphones for a sightseeing tour public transport entrance tickets to museums optional excursions Double seat in a bus 50 euros Select a seat 10 euro, first 4 rows 15 Euro.
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