Moving to a new apartment: signs, feng shui.
Any change of residence – an exciting event, which is associated with a lot of folk customs and traditions. Perhaps the most famous among the associated with the move to a new apartment is a sign – the first to let a cat into the house. Why did this animal have such an honor? In Russia, from ancient times it was believed that the first one who dwells in the dwelling should soon die. Therefore, in the families of our ancestors, the threshold or the old man, who still does not live any longer, or the cat, whose life is known to be shorter than the human, was the first to cross. Nowadays this honorary right is finally fixed on the cat.
And not every animal is suitable for such a great mission. A cat can not be picked up from the street or taken temporarily by a friend – it must be yours. It is believed that animals feel places with negative energy. Choosing a favorable place for a person “knows” a dog. If you put the first dog into the house, which is absolutely not forbidden, then the place where it settles will be the best for the bed. A cat, on the other hand, after moving to a new apartment will choose for himself one of the “bad” places and there will be a long time to sit or lie down – do not put the bed there, otherwise the sleep will be disturbing and restless. It is believed that this place should be left free, because it should belong to the main “master” of the house – the house.
House people do not see it, but they see domestic animals. Have you noticed how Sharik sometimes looks intently into the void, not blinking, as if someone is following someone? Or Murka, playing as if chasing after someone invisible, trying to catch? This is the house. And he’s in the house! And he follows the cleanliness, and protects things, and protects the dwelling from the fire, and helps the owners. And when you move to a new apartment, signs recommend that your house call with you, to manage in another dwelling together with you. How can this be done? Inform the housekeeper of his intention to change the apartment and invite him to follow you. After that, put an empty sack for it, and take it with you on the day of the transfer. Take the broom out of the old apartment-maybe your house-keeper will go on this vehicle. Or leave an old slippers near the stove with the words: “Brownie, here’s a sleigh for you, come with us,” and then grab this impromptu transport for a brownie with you.
Moving to a new apartment on the lunar calendar must be done on certain days. This is best suited for 5, 8, 10, 21, 25 lunar days. Then the process of transporting things will pass perfectly, and life in a new place will turn out to be happy and successful. But on 4, 9, 15, 19, 23, 26 or 29 lunar day, it is better not to plan this important event. Choose the day of the week for women, that is Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. There is also the best day for relocations – this is September 14, Semyonov day, when new settlers are guarded by higher forces and are helping them in every possible way. As for the most favorable time, it is advisable to settle in early in the morning – from 9 to 11 hours. Then have a little time to settle down, and house warming to note.
By the way, it is necessary to celebrate a housewarming twice. First time – in the circle of the closest people, on the day of arrival. And the second time – already in a noisy, cheerful and big company, some time after settling, when you will already feel in the new walls as real masters.
Do not be afraid of moving into a new apartment in a leap year. Although a leap year is notorious, and people change their place of residence (as well as marrying, getting divorced, doing repairs and looking for another job), many are afraid of this period. In fact, nothing terrible housewarming in a leap year does not promise. So even specialists in feng shui believe. This Chinese art is rapidly gaining popularity in our country and penetrates into all spheres of life. It dictates its rules to newcomers.
Feng Shui moving to a new apartment recommends starting in advance – with a thoughtful collection of things. Do not throw the property feverishly into the boxes, and not hurriedly and with pleasure you will see everything that you take with yourself, indulge in pleasant memories. Then things will become saturated with positive energy and bring you much joy in a new place. Leaving the old apartment, leave it to the new tenants in perfect order, do not forget to fix the current cranes and do the last cleaning. Leave a few coins in the old apartment – a sign says that this will bring wealth to you and the new owners. Leave the house in a good mood, remember the best days spent in its walls.
Before settling in, specialists in feng shui are advised to make repairs (the same, however, requires a long-standing Russian tradition). If you just do not overhaul the overhaul, arrange at least a general cleaning. Wipe all surfaces in the house with slightly salted water – it has magical properties and perfectly cleans the space. After moving to a new apartment, Feng Shui strongly recommends that all broken things be repaired: plumbing and electrical wiring, doors and floors. As soon as you transport things to a new house, spend the night there. If for any reason this is not possible, leave the clothes you are wearing for the night – pajamas or a nightgown.
Change of dwelling takes all thoughts, does not give rest even at night. It is possible that in anticipation of this grand event, you dreamed of moving to a new apartment! Such a dream promises new occupations, serious changes in life and great troubles (which, incidentally, are the companions of all newcomers). Some dream books predict a transition to a new energy level. Much depends on the home, where you moved in your dream. If you dream a beautiful, new apartment, then you will be lucky. A tight and untidy little room bodes ill.
However, Muller interprets the move to a new apartment somewhat differently: if a young woman in a dream changes her place of residence, she will soon be married. But to help with moving someone in a dream is not very good: you can bring a lot of troubles to your close people.
Let only good dreams accompany you in front of the house, and good signs will bring happiness and luck to your house!