Order of Malta.
The Republic of Malta is interesting for Russians first of all because the holders of the status of permanent residence of Malta get the opportunity to travel without visas within the European Union. The same right is given to their relatives – spouses, children, grandchildren, parents, grandfathers and grandmothers.
Why Malta?
Malta is characterized by a mild tax law. Businessmen will be able to use the status of permanent residence for tax optimization. In addition, the republic has concluded treaties on the avoidance of double taxation with 60 countries.
Malta is convenient as a “spare airfield”. This small state is distinguished by a stable economy, and the funds invested in it are largely insured against possible economic shocks.
What has changed in the program for obtaining permanent residence of Malta for investment.
On July 4, 2017, in accordance with the Official Notice No. 189, changes took place in the state MRVP program (Malta’s permanent residence for investment). They touched upon the terms of registration, the procedure for payment, the provision of permanent residence to the relatives of the main applicant, the conditions of residence on the territory of the republic, the legal status of the applicant and his dependent relatives, and so on.
Previously, the applicant and his relatives – holders of permanent residence status – had the right to stay in the territory of Malta for no more than 6 months in a row or not more than 10 months in aggregate for 5 years. Now all restrictions on stay in the country are lifted: the applicant and other members of his family can stay in Malta for an unlimited time or not to visit the territory of the republic at all.
Terms of registration.
Along with the entry into force of the changes, a new state agency, the Malta Residence and Visa Agency, began operating. The new agency, created in place of the earlier existing Identity Malta Agency, received a narrower specialization. It deals exclusively with the provision of permanent residence. This allowed to direct all resources to a certain list of issues and significantly reduce the total time for registration of permanent residence for investors-applicants.
The changes did not affect the main contribution – 250 thousand euros, which are invested in government bonds and are returned after five years. Also, the applicant for a period of not less than five years is still obliged to purchase or rent housing in Malta.
The amount of the initial non-refundable contribution is now 5 thousand euros instead of 5,5 thousand. After the approval of the application, 25,000 euros are paid instead of 24,500 euros. The main changes affected the relatives and family members of the applicant.
The advantage of the innovation is that it gives the right to include in the application for permanent residence of dependent family members even after the main applicant has already received the status of a resident.
Who is considered a relative and a member of the family.
The authorities of Malta more democratically approached the concepts of “relatives” and “family members”.
First, the age limit of 27 years for the dependent children of the applicant was abolished. The age of children who are dependent on their parents financially, now does not matter. The main condition – the dependence must be proved.
Secondly, from now on, the main applicant does not need to prove the fact of living together with a dependent adult child with medical indications (disability).
In the previous version of the MRVP program, no additional applicants for permanent residence were mentioned. Since July 4, 2017, to include in the application after approval of the main family members can:
� the daughter-in-law or the son-in-law of the applicant, if the child was included in the application earlier;
� the grandson of the main applicant or spouse – the born or adopted child. The main condition – the parents of the child should be included in the application earlier.
� Parents and grandparents of the main applicant, his / her spouse or spouse.
For all additional persons there is a provision on payment of 5 thousand euro of a non-refundable fee for each.
Malta also made adjustments in determining the age of criminal responsibility. Thus, criminal liability in Malta comes from 12 years, in most countries – from 14. This created difficulties, since the statement required to include a certificate from the police of Malta and other countries from the age of 12, which is inconsistent with the law, for example, Russia.
Now, for all applicants under the MRVP program, a certificate of non-conviction should confirm that a person over the age of 14 has no legal problems in countries where he has resided permanently for at least six months over the past 10 years.
All these changes are aimed at promoting the program for obtaining permanent residence of Malta for investment, as they make the process more convenient, understandable and quick. In addition, MRVP is one of the articles of the republic’s income. Malta is now the only EU country that can offer foreign investors the status of permanent residence.
More details of the conditions for obtaining a permanent residence for Malta for investment can be found on the official website of the company “Immigrant Invest”. Professional lawyers of the company are ready to provide any necessary information.
Immigrant Invest is asked to be extremely cautious about companies that do not have all the official documents or office in Malta. As a rule, these are intermediaries, eventually transferring all documents to licensed agents for commissions. This does not make sense and only increases the final cost of the transaction.