Resident visas.
Immigration to the UAE is the absence of taxes and ideal conditions for starting and prospering the business, in addition, in a stable state like the UAE, it is easy to secure your capital against risks and force majeure. For those who wish to reside in the territory of the Emirates, a residence permit is usually issued – a resident visa. However, in the UAE it is not just a right to a long-term stay in the territory of another country, a resident visa grants foreigners the right almost on a par with the local population. It is also a plus for those who want to retain the citizenship of their country.
Such visas, depending on the type, are issued for a period of 4 to 180 days. If the purpose of visiting the UAE is business, then it is not legal to apply to a tourist company, will help get a visa for a business trip to the Emirates, which will conduct all necessary procedures.
Long-term or resident visas.
Resident visa is a residence permit in the UAE: it gives the right to stay in the Emirates and a simplified regime of visiting the countries of the Persian Gulf, applies to members of your family. In the organization of residence permit will help, which specializes in this matter.
Open accounts in banks of the Emirates, which are distinguished by their stability, as well as strict observance of bank secrecy.
To conduct and develop business without taxes in the country with an attractive investment climate and access to international markets.
Learn in the best universities, both modern local, and branches of well-known international educational institutions.
To open tourist visas at embassies of countries located in the Emirates (Schengen zone, USA, etc.) without leaving the UAE.
To take advantage of the developed country & # 8212; quality medical care, obtaining international driving rights, etc.
Residency in the UAE & # 8212;
it is not only life in the comfortable conditions of a state-of-the-art country, but also an excellent way to protect own capital and multiply assets.
There are several methods for obtaining a residence permit in the Emirates. Specialists of the company SORP.�� will help you choose the convenient and necessary way for you to obtain a resident visa in the UAE:
Organization of business.
We are experts and have many years of experience in organizing business in the Emirates. will register the company, select the necessary type of business and activity, the correct legal form and place of registration. We will assist in the passage of each stage and give qualified advice on all legal issues. We also offer ready-made companies and various options for a ready highly profitable business in the Emirates.
Buying a property.
Buying a property in an actively developing country is a profitable investment. offers a range of activities for investing in commercial facilities. Our specialists will choose the best option for you from the point of view of its subsequent use in business, selecting the most attractive object by its location, surrounding infrastructure, traffic intersection and many other factors.
Participation in investment projects.
SORP.AE will provide personal investment-attractive programs and build highly profitable business management mechanisms. Our specialists pay attention to the prospects of the development of the investment project and the profitability of its location in a competitive environment. For those who do not have the opportunity to fully invest in the project, is ready to search for and select partners (co-investors).
Registration of work visas through the SORP Business Center.
If you are not going to invest or buy real estate, we can offer you the registration of resident visas through the lease of workspace in the SORP Business Center. The number of visas depends on the workplaces and office that you need, and the validity of visas is equal to the lease term under the contract. At your service fully equipped office space in the center of Dubai with interactive meeting rooms, a customized IT infrastructure and all communications.
We are well acquainted with all the subtleties and peculiarities of the procedure for issuing a visa and we know how to shorten the time limit for making a decision on its receipt.
With us, we will not have to stand for hours in queues for any help or to rewrite the documents several times because of inaccuracies in their design.
We will organize all the necessary processes so that no bureaucratic procedure will not become a simple and comfortable way of obtaining a visa.
Quick and easy registration of resident visas in the Emirates from
Our company will provide the necessary consultations on all prospects for the possibilities of residency, as well as provide support in the issues of registration and tracking of the preparedness of documents for a visa. You can completely rely on the professionals of and entrust their worries to our experienced employees.
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